Sunday, 13 April 2014

Good bye!

Hey CherryCreekVillers!
I though i had posteda goodbye post but I haven't Sorry!!!!
I had quit collecting Sylvanians in like June or May or something last year.I kept my 3 first ones.
I just kinda grew out of them. I was just about to start my new blog for the 100 baby challenge in the sims 3 today when thepage loaded it showed me that i had Cherry creek and i saw the page views. 1600!! Holy cow! thats something new. well I'm off to make a new blog. and for you, yes you out there, i will keep this up and I have a wattpad which i write books on so check it out!

Good bye!
Thank you all for support with this blog <3

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A little Something!

Recently I got my package from a fellow Sylvanian collector in South Africa ( Thank you LadyLollipop!)

Here is what I got:

3 Very cute outfits :

The lucky Hopkins family got them! I absolutely love them! , The purple one for the baby is a little loose/large but when the baby is sat down or leaning on something , you can't really see it.

Another thing I got was Rooibos Tea which has a really nice , strong taste.
My first cuppa:

With milk. The Rooibos "Capetown Fog Latte"
And then I  also recieved lots of sweets , Jellybeans, Chocolates, and my new favourite : Ayajoja sweets!
Caramel on the outside and milk chocolate on the inside.

Visit her website here:

Thank you again I loved it!


Story - What is this going to be?

One sunny morning in Cherry Creek Village, an famous Model was coming to live with her family. They rented out Rose cottage , they  saw how many poor orphans there was. There was a great assembly hall which  upper part is bedrooms and bathrooms for visitors and passer by's.
That is Yvonne Blackberry with some orphans in the old nursery.It's cold , the windows are broken and some volenteers helping out from all over Sylvania. 
"The winter is very tough this year" Said the mayor , Frasier Chocolate,
"Indeed it is, these poor , poor Sweeties can't live like this." Replied Yvonne.

Later that day, at the Cherry Creek Village Cafe  the council was having a meeting
 They were all thinking about the new building that had gotten renovated after a fire broke out last summer. There was nothing to do with it. They could either knock it down and make space for another camping site , or just have someone buy it.
After half-an-hour Don Hopkins thought of a plan, It's cold and the little Munchkins ( orphans as they call them) have a really bad environment to live in. So the plan was to get Yvonne and her family to sponsor or give donations to all of Sylvania to make sure the orphans had a great life.

The next day, the Mayor and his wife were having dinner with the Blackberry family.

"We would like to give something back to all of Sylvania" Said Bob Blackberry "For letting us live in such a lovely village in  Sylvania, what can we do for you , Mayor?" he continued
"Well , you know the poor orphans? We have a spare building , just renovated , maybe you could turn it into a nursery , or an orphan village?" The Mayor Replied
"That would be great!" Ivy Blackberry said.
"Sure! Can we see it , Mayor?" Bob said
"Of course!" They finished their dinner and went to see the Lodge.

"That is a really lovely building!" Exclaimed  Yvonne , We have to help the munchkins!



Hey CherryCreekVillers!!
Today I am going to show you the map of Sylvania:
Hope you like it!

Cherry Creek Village - Top- owned by me
Blossom Hill Creek-center- Owned by Emma
Hopscotch Hill-Left- Owned by: Liesel
Sweet Sylvanian Creek -Bottom- Owned by Katrina3Michelle
Crystal Glen Village -Bottom Right- Owned by : Lillian
Gingerbread Grove -right- Owned by Helga

Those are the people who hold the copyright to this image.
Visit their blogs!

Have fun looking at those AWESOME Blogs!



Tuesday, 26 March 2013


In the charming world of Sylvania, there is a quiet village. The village is Cherry Creek Village and it is a wonderful place to live. Many families live here and there are many beautiful buildings. It's neighbouring village, Blossom Hill Creek  is just three miles away and the inhabitants of Cherry Creek visit their friendly neighbours often.

There will be a map coming soon!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Figure update

Hi Cherrycreekvilrs!!! Sorry the video ends in the middle. The currenct figure count is 42 figures

Figuew update

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Ice ice cold and Snow!

Hi cherrycreekvillers.Its cold here.Snow tomorrow. I took a few picturss.Keep your eyes open to see what happened to poor Lauryn Hopkin.